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Every AirPods needs a protective case to carry it seamlessly as you go about your daily activities. This soft TPU case is your best protective cover for your AirPods as it showcases it durability and beautiful  design, with an all round protection for your AirPods, shockproof and anti - slip, this makes carrying your AirPods easy and safe as there is no chance of falling off or getting damaged

Charging is made easy as there's no need to detach the sleeve before charging. Your AirPods can be charged directly connecting the charger to the case.

With this protective case you'll never have to worry about losing your AirPods again!




✔ High Quality Material: TPU
✔ Features & Functions: Anti-slip, Anti-lost, Anti-dirt, All-round Protection, Shockproof
✔Easy access to all functions and buttons without any interference.
✔ Comprehensive Compatibility: Wired charging. 



Attention: Case only, AirPods & charge box are not included!


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